Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lama sudah tak menghapdate blogspot ni.. kawan2 masih igt LIBL ke lupa dah kot...
Anyway..masa tak mengizinkan.. But I really love this blog. My own life history that I should keep it safe.

After my 2nd surgery, I am recovered very well. Less pain or no pain at all. Alhamdulillah. Compare to my 1st surgery..adoii.. And, LIBL rasa bersyukur sangat kerana telah melalui sesuatu pengalaman yang kalau LIBL fikir balik, without Allah swt help and total submission to him, I will not becoming who I am today. 

After hardship there is ease..
I have been tested (hari2 meraung nagis sorang-sorang taw..)..macam2 dugaan datang bertimpa-timpa sejak 1st injury and finally with sabar.. yer sangat2 sabar dan berserah. 
With bless from him, I am becoming better person. What I mean better is I have clear vision of my life and step to achieve it. 

Kalau dulu I like to run hear and there, now I am focusing on my craft business. Bukan tak boleh berlari, doctor advise to start running outdoor. My interest has change. Bukan tak suka sport, I am still active training and doing rehab like a Beast. 90% recovered oledy..
Pstttt... I found secret to loose weight. And I did it.. Few more to go. **happy

Business sedang build up..Alhamdulillah. Getting order and there goes weekend.

What I wanna tell you that I am finally leaving that Menara!! If you read my previous entry, series of interview dah pergi tapi tak der rezeki. Lepas tu injured pulak. I rest or self employed for 2 weeks. Best gilerr!!

Bukan tak bersukur dgn Menara tapi I feel that I am underpaid.. Alhamdulillah, tomorow I will start my new job in one of US, Manufacturing and research company in Ara Damansara as Senior IT Specialist. LIBL pernah berdoa, I want easy job with better salary.. Alhamdulillah..

Easy for me tu tak meredah jem ke KL dan menjadi wonderpet ke sana ke mari macam gaji 10K. Cukup sudah menjadi vendor. Pls pray that I will survive over there.. Amin.

Got to log off fren...time is chasing me. 
Dulu keje masuk 9am or sesuka hati kalau pergi customer now 8am sudah kena masuk. Need to adjust my time and bodyclock..

Till then, luv u all!!


Dr Singa said...

take care sis!

all the best..

apa secretnya..
habaq laa

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Dr Singa.. TQ!

4 hrs non stop training..tu kat plaza TTDI tu..Damansara Sport and Rehab Trpy Cntr.
Our ex MSN atelit Julia Wong and Siti Fatimah..
They will design suitable workout for you. Memang balik sore abes la..but it works!
Open for fitness as well.. jom la! Dekat je kan...

ilovekampungku said...