Good Bye Note to Mr Landscape Architect!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dedicated to Mr Landscape Architect...

Written by: LIBL
Creative Works. .
Not related to anyone!.. PEACE!
16th April 2013

...You leave me in silence....
..Thank You Mr Architect...

Are you scared my recovery gonna be so long?..
.. yeah.. Doctor expectation 9 months...
BUT now my recovery went smoothly...
Fast Track!..
I said Alhamdulillah...

I told doctor..I do not expect my recovery gonna be this fast..
This is amazing..

Thank You for forgetting my operation day..
Thank You for not visiting or text me at all...
Are you scared to face my parents?
FYI.. no more blessing from my parents!..
Whatever decision that you have in your mind..
I am leaving.. 

Thank You for telling untrue story to our fren..
You are forgiven but your statement to our fren make me angry!!..
I am removing you from my life forever...

Deep inside I am hurt..
Deeply Hurt!
Because of you!..

But I want to be a good muslimah..
I forgive you because of Allah swt told us to be forgiven..
I forgive my self for accepting you..

Mr Landscape Architect..
Since you are not loyal to me!..
You are taking advantages!..

I am leaving..
I told you I am leaving!!..
Trust is now broken..

I am telling you nicely that I am leaving..
We are not meant together and I knew that Qada and Qadar...
But your silence is killing..

So, I am leaving forever!..
..with disapointment..