Being Blessed..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Emotional and Spiritual in stable.. 
After hardship there is a relieve... Subhanallah. 
Janji Allah s.w.t itu benar.. Keep on Praying!!

‎"One who has deep iman and knowledge usually remains quiet while in times of difficulty. One who has less iman and knowledge causes loud noise. Just like the ocean. Have you ever seen the waves of a high tide, and how they clamor when they arrive at the beach and strike the rocks? Because the ocean near the beach is shallow, even a kid can challenge it, while in the depth of the sea it’s quiet, peaceful and full of majesty. The deeper you get in iman and knowledge, the more peaceful you become."
— Yaser Birjas

Blessed is the man who found a WOMAN for marriage who loves ALLAH more than him and blessed is the woman who found a MAN for marriage who waits for her and asks for her from ALLAH!

May Allah s.w.t grant me sabar and ease for my 2nd operation..

Note: Off to New Castle.. tonite!!