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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sampai bila saya boleh bertahan?.. 

Baru sehari pegi customer di KL dah demam 3 hari.. kaki dah bedenyut-denyu..
Truly.. make me down..

Saya tidak lagi seperti dulu..

My dad said: Later or sooner kena buat op jugak. Buat la sementara kami masih hidup & boleh datang jaga.. *sedihnya..

10 kali baca e-mail from an orthopedic from Johor Baharu. I know wht should I do... 
Only .. saya  takottttt.... it is gonna be pain.. :((((


I am sorry to hear that you had to undergo quite an eventful post-op recovery with still some pain to your knee.
To us surgeons, second surgery is always taken with some precautions especially when taking over a case which has been operated by someone else.

The locking and some of the pain in the knee may be due to the torn meniscus which could be reduced by another arthroscopy, meniscectomy and partial clearance of the fibrosis if present.

There are many causes of the lack of full range of movements of the knee from the placement of the graft to the tension of the graft itself. Some of these limitations could be corrected by physiotherapy which would also help in building up the wasted muscles of the thigh.

Re-doing the whole procedure would take a surgeon with a 'strong heart' and ofcourse it is not without it's risks. If you are troubled enough to take the risks of failure, returning back to where you are now, but with a hope of normality, then, Dr Gan approach is, I suppose, acceptable.

If you are unwilling to take that risk, then, smaller surgery of repeat arthroscopy and clearance could be tried first to see whether that amount of improvement is acceptable to you or not. It may not improve the flexion much more. You could then leave the re-do as a last resort, though I know, the expense would also be another consideration.

I know I could not give an answer that you want, but I hope it will help you make an informed decision, though these are only my personal opinions.

All the best.
Dr Z

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dieya said...

i'm in no position to advise you on anything medical. all i pray for is for you to recover fast. take care babe!

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

no prob dieya..
hibernating time for me this year..

Thanks babe!