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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tajam menikam tak ayat itu?

Ini yang saya rasakan sekarang.. penuh persepsi pada doktor pakar. Yer doktor pakar bukan doktor biasa. 
Tak dinafikan ada juga doktor pakar dan Medical Officer yang boleh dipercayai.. Nowadays, kita kena berhati-hati. Tak semua orang nak jadi doktor tp terpaksa jadi doktor. Atau kerana glamer!..

Ramai doktor akan marah pada saya dgn statement ni tp ini adalah kebenaran..

Saya ada tanya pada seorang doktor melalui blog tp dia diamkan sahaja. Ada kawan-kawan doktor (tak semua) pon hanya mendiamkan diri sahaja. Sikap berkecuali katernyer!

Saya memuji doc ni yang jauh lebih boleh dibanggakan drp doc yg dasar bekecuali atau tutup mata.

Terima Kasih kerana reply e-mail saya. 
Terima Kasih kerana memberi pendapat. 

MBBS; MSc Sports Medicine (UK)
Sports Medicine Consultant
e-mail: drastxxxx
Aspetar, Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital

Hard to find a good doctor nowadays!.. 

Saya tahu setiap penyakit Allah s.w.t yg sembuhkan bukan doctor tp at least doc trying his best and do his job properly. Not like my previous surgeon. Kalau physiotherapist hosp tuh yg suruh saya tukar doc. Katanya doc nih suka semelih & wardkan org... Huhh.. NOT me SAID this.. SumONE told me! 



I would suggest you go and see Dr Tay again. Talk to him of the various options already suggested to you by other doctors. I know him and he should be able to give you the best possible option for you. It would be difficult for me to provide you further advice online as I have not seen you.


Dr AstXX

On 2 April 2012 05:50, wrote:

Thanks for your reply Dr.AstXX,

Just to tell you my story.

I did my physio religiously for past 4 month.

Along my recovery, I got 2 times infection where my operation scar suddenly bleeding.
Since then, my knee flexion become slower and slower. I did highlighted it to my surgeon. For my 1st infection, he took out a stich from the scar that cause infection.
2nd infection, no stich. I continue my physio as usual. Passive and active knee flexion has been done but too pain full.

I went to Kelang Hospital for further physio after my GL expired. About 2 month later. They (physiotherapist) said, something is not right and ask me to inform my surgeon.
I did inform him. Asked him if i got fibrosis. He said I think to much and tell me not to worry.
My surgeon asked me to continue physio another one month MC. All together 4.5 month MC.  

After a month, I did not see any improvement. I did my physio, swim, workout at gym. No improvement. My knee still painful.
Physiotherapist advised me to get other doc advise. From my reading, I have all symptom of athrofibrosis. Then I see Doc no 1 as mention in previous email.
He listened to my concern and checked my knee. He issued MRI.

From the MRI result, confirmed I am having fibrosis inside and suddenly got meniscus injury. I did not fell down that might cause me injured my meniscus.

I see my surgeon, show him the MRI result. I already highlighted to him about the athrofibrosis and what he replied.
Again he said this is only diagnosis and ask me what I want him to do.
His reply piss me off.

I discover that my surgeon forgot to asked physiotherapist ice my knee (cryo cuff) after operation until 3rd week.  The operation so sudden, 4th day after injury.

I went to see Dr Gan, Damansara Specialist. He told me the graph position was wrong. Advise me to redo everything back. He looks confident but to redo whole thing is so scary.

Then, Dr Tay from Kuala Lumpur Sport Medicine Center, he said technically wrong inside my knee. The graph position is acceptable.
He advise to inject gel & do physio. Worse case is operation.

Now, I am confuse which one should I do. That why i am looking for another opinion.

I am for sure no going back to see my surgeon or ask him to do my 2nd operation.  


From:        "Dr. AstXXXX>
Date:        31/03/2012 05:57 PM
Subject:        Re: Request your opiniont.

Dear LIBL,

Sorry I've been away and will be away from some time. Although I'll be back only in July 2012 but it would be difficult as my practice has closed in PJ. Here are my suggestions:-

1) Go back to see your surgeon who operated the knee - find out what's the current situation
2) Complete the physiotherapy
3) Check again after completing the recommended duration

I do not usually recommend you to see another surgeon since he may not know the exact situation during the previous surgery. Hope this helps.


Dr AstXX

On 29 March 2012 11:05,

<LIBL> wrote:
Hi Dr AstXXX

I am LIBL from Shah Alam.
I did my ACL recon (patella) and MCL repair on OCT 2011.
Unfortunately, until today I did not get my full ROM and extension. Along the recovery, I got meniscus injury. My knee stiff and quad muscle still waste. Latest MRI shows that I am developing fibrosis at hoffa's fat pad.

I have visited few doc tors for advise.

Doc 1: Minor Operation. Clean the fibrosis and move the knee cap to centre.
Doc 2: Revise all.(ACL,MCL) Reconstruct my ACL using hamstring.
Doc 3. Inject Gel and continue physio.
I plan to visit your clinic but note said tht you not in MY. Let me know when are you coming back or  advise me, the best orthopaedic in MY who experience in handling this case.




Nurman said...

I admitted that you have difficult moment in your life which me myself have no assurance strong as you are. As your friend I'm really proud of you, be strong and minggu ni ko free tak?

rizaldo said...

LIBL,bagi kes lutut sy yg xleh lipat habis doc sarankan sy kene rajin lagi buat exercise kuatkan n besarkn otot kuadrisep cz otot ni sgt penting bagi mengawal kekuatan lutut n betis.jika otot peha lemah n kecut maka ROM lutut juga akan terjejas sebab tu la org yg ACL tear boleh teruskn bersukan sekiranya otot peha n betis mereka kuat ianya dpt menampung bhgn ligamen yg cedera tu so nak taknak wajib buat exercise n stretching kat rumah.awk akan dpt rasekan perubahan itu.

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

thx rizaldo..
tapi saya still in pain.. stiff knee..

quad muscle dah shut down...sbb fibrosis tu..

kaki saya x sama ..satu straight satu lagi tak.. so nak kembali bermarathon.. x boleh kot..

wp x nampak sgt tp jalan lama2 sakit pinggang..

Saya still buat physio sendiri.. kuatkan hamstring..
In case kalau jadi nak op dgn Dr Gan, Damansara Specialist.

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

thx nurman..
aku kuat ker?.. uhuh.. terpaksala Nurman..

Iddin lagi besar dugaan dia.. between life and death!..

rizaldo said...

LIBL,lutut sy pun masih sakit jugak..extension pun x straight habis..bending 120degree tapi memang tiap hari kena stretching caranya dgn pegang besi gril pintu tu n buat squad mcm nk memcangkung setakat yg boleh sampai rasa sengal tahan selama 30saat n ulang sampai 10 buat hari2 n skang sy dah dpt rasakan tisu2 area lutut ni dah lembut n otot peha dan semakin kuat sbb ikut ckp doc.memang sakit tapi kita xde pilihan lain selain kena kuat exercise n stretching..sbb bkn senang nk cpt pulih,besakit dulu bersenang month doc nk ukur otot peha sy ade kemajuan ke sy memang kena sahut cabaranla apelagi..tapi sy puas hati memang kaki sy ade kemajuan.cubala kalo x caya.TQ.

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

owhh.. ok.. nnt sambung buat exercise ni lagi.. ada gak buat ni dulu.. tp now dah ada meniscus injury.

Masa squad..lutut mcm lock sikit. Then, bunyi prap with sharp pain.. :(

So, stop kejap buat physio2 ni.. Nak jalan pon kena slow.. dah bunyi & sharp pain bru boleh jalan..

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

rizaldo - so how are you now?.. dah 5 month rite?