Friday, April 6, 2012

My boss said :

You need to make decision.. even your car still or will be there few more month u still need to make decision..

Halahh.. serabut laahh.

Baru jer rasa lega sbb hopefully keter esok siap.. 
Siyes... LIBL x pernah tinggal istiharah walau sehari tp x nampak jalan lagi.. cuma rasa tenang.. ..YES!..

I am happy to work.. meet people.. call customer..
Do troubleshooting.. 

even i have to bear the pain!

I really miss my lousy old life!..

I  am just realized, stay at home alone for recovery bring no good to me!.. 
Emotionally disruption.. 

Basically, I am not ready to face all tht pain again!.

I am NOT emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually ready for my next surgery..

In fact my mom still crying when I said tht I need to go for surgery..

I need to find my strength..

Inner PEACE..
INNER strength..

Lantaklah.. my kaki.. i am the one who gonna face all pain!!..
what ever the outcome.. I am alone who r going to face it.. till my entire life. 

ME!! yes.. YES..ME!!

I will never decide for surgery if I am not ready!!..

For the time being.. Just allow me to go to work..

Obvious scar tissue.. tu yg bawah tempurng itu..

 Screww... not properly inserted..

Owhh.. my tilted knee cap!!..reason for pain and not able to get full ROM.

Might be because of patella tendon harvest..

NO.. naturally born that way..

kalau revise operation..  tambah lagi 2 skru.. part lain pulak di amik utk ganti.. & bla2..
Ada berani? 


Muhammad Shukri Mohamad Nor said...


I have ACL injury too, but haven't done any surgery yet. It get me super curious about this ACL injury and read everything about it on internet. so tiba2 pulak terbaca your blog.

just curious, and hope you dont mind if I ask, yang first operation tu consider as failure ke? and buat dekat hospital mana?

hope you get well soon!