Owh my recovery..

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ACL surgery recovery can be a very trying and difficult process. Keeping motivated during the recovery is always a problem and no matter how motivated you are at the start of your recovery..

arthrofibrosis knee symptoms - Scar tissues can cause structures of the knee to become contracted, restricting normal motion. Depending on the site of scarring, knee cap mobility and/or joint range of motion (i.e. flexion, extension, or both) may be affected. Symptoms experienced as a result of arthrofibrosis of the knee include stiffness, pain, limping, heat, swelling, crepitus, and/or weakness.

LIBL dah tahu pasal ni..my BFF did mention. Physio kat KPJ & HTAR did say the same thing.. but doc cakap NO!.. I think too much.. Am I?..

I cannot walk fast.. more 3.5km/h on t.mill I start to limp. Semalam belasah 40 min on t.mill.. up to 4.0km/h. Limping few times. Once done, scar inside knee sakit. My knee still swelling.. my quad muscle mcm dah shut down even I did swimming, stair master, orbit trainer, rowing & cycling. I did join body balance class too.. Knee press, quad bench and etc pon dah buat.

My kick board... float like a DUCK!.. :))

Thinking of change doc.. I plan to Sime Darby Medical Center (my company panel actually. yer ker.. entahla.. selalu org office klw nak beranak selalu kat sini).. or may be I need dedicate physiotherapist? Got one and Damansara where most of GYM goers went there..

Plan to bring my gym access record by the system as a prove to the doc.. I did workout almost everyday at fitnessfirst.. improve the other part but not ROM or quad.

Serabut... pray not having arthrofibrosis but symptoms are there... yaiyaiiyaiiiiii.....

O Allah, Lord of the people, the One who takes away harm, grant health, for You are the One who grants health and there is none who grants health except You, (You grant) health that leaves no illness (uncured).


Mudd said...

semoga allah permudahkan semuaaa urusan ko babe... just dont give up oke... sounds so cliche...... just remember...Allah is with the patient...Practicing patience will always keep you under the protection and care of Allah (S.W.T.. Insyaallah.. always believe in that....

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

thanks mud!.. kinda down a bit lately.. next week jumpa doc but my knee flextion x habis2.

aku tgh confuse nak tukar doc or tak.. HTAR dah x nak tolak kaki..have to go KPJ tp tuh la my pain trash hole..

I know hv to be patience but somehow i need to do something..if scar tissue in the prob i need to remove it within a year..klw tak sampi bila pon cannot get normal knee..

yadaa.. yadaa.. penin lagi.. penat la pk sorang2..