How my ACL & MCL knee injury begins..

Saturday, November 12, 2011

After the operation..

This is what I get...

(correction on surgery date.. 25/10/2011)

I am a malay gurl from Malaysia and I got my knee injured during futsal match last month at Sport Planet, Ampang during Cabaran Sihat contest. A contest like a biggest looser but not that hard.

I wrote this to share my experience as in Malaysia, we are not aware of this kind of injury esp for ladies. Unfortunately, futsal arena is almost every where. Everyone can go and play there BUT as a recreational player like me, we are not aware of common injury to this kind of sport and what should we do.. i mean First Aid and what next..

I did a lot of reading about ACL injury and I feel like to write it esp my recovery. It is not easy..recovery need mental and emotional strength.

The story begin during the 1st game, second half and few minutes before the game end. I tried to get the ball with hope another goal for my team. My leg still at the ball but there are 3 other leg at the ball pushing hard to get it in the same time.. funny.. but this is how ladies player play futsal.

Suddenly, I can hear a 'pop' sound from my right knee.. slowly I pull my leg back and knee down. I can feel tight from back of my knee. It hurt a while and imbalance. I walk out the court. Asked my fren to replace me and I have a seat behind the court.

I didn't feel any pain and after a few minutes, I try to walk.. After a few step, I feel like my right knee is giving out.
I scared to walk back.. asked my fren to help me back to the seat. I wonder what had happened to me..

They called my trainer. He came and told me to elevate my knee. He asked me tomove to the next seat which is a bit higher so i can put my leg on my current seat. I stand up by my own but suddenly I can feel bone to bone smash and another pop sound. I fell down and scared to stand up again. My trainer did some test to my knee..and asked me if I hurt.. but I didn't feel any. Confused.. I stay a while.. I can still laugh and smile. My condition get few people attention.. surround me and I feel uncomfortable. Am I creating drama here?

Since my trainer is a fitness celebrity.. I can hear a voice said tht she also want to injured if this guy came and rescue.. Only god knows how i feel.. slowly I said.. I am not joking sista!. Paramedic.. not in a picture.. I saw an ambulance but nobody inside or behind. People with their own business..

Trauma.. I am confused.. What should I do?.. At the end, I agree to go to the clinic. Thank god I am working and covered by insurance. I did an x-ray..and my bone is still intact. First time in my life I am using wheelchair. Doc give me pain killer, cream and 2 days Medical Leave. They bought me a crutch. Wonder how to walk using this crutch as I cannot put my weight on my feet. Someone need to hold me on the other side.

They send me home and also my car. Thanks Allah the most merciful for this kindness help. At home..I am alone. Using my own chair lucky got wheel, I used to move around my apartment. But I cannot walk much as I need place to hold. Search the internet.. update status at Facebook.. I am confused. Is this temporary or gonna be worst?. I read few about knee injury.. I update in this blog to. I call my good fren a physiotherapist to come and check.

2 days alone at home.. lucky my fren came and bring some food. ;(
I cried .. I am scared..

She did same test like my trainer did..(Lachman Test) with additional Anterior Drawer Test. She showed me that my night knee is out. No lock. Compare to my uninjured knee.. It is lock.. I can see the difference. What shd I do?..

She want to send me to the hospital. She said I need to be admitted. She told me what procedure tht I need to go. She mention me about the arthroscopic surgery and reconstruct. I pray hard my injury was not that bad...

She wrap my knee.. ice my knee. R>I>C>E is now important.. thank you dear!

I plan to go the next day.. get my little sister who came back from her vacation and my housemate to send me to emergency..

When she went off, I cried again.. :(
Couldn't believe what had happened to me... trying to accept that I have to withdraw from Cabaran Sihat contest.

The next day, both my sister and my housemate send me to emergency. Doctor came and check and yup...I am admitted. I need to go for MRI.. Possible of ligament injury.

I did my MRI on the same day. Thanks KPJ Selangor. No hassle.. Got the result on the same day..

Dr Askandar Basrul came into picture..

Base on the result, I need surgery.. I have ACL and MCL ruptured. He need to reconstruct my ACL using my patella tendon. I need to operate u 2morrow if you agree.

I was a nightmare!.. My injury is actually stage 3.. worst!...

From my understanding, there is no other way to heal except reconstruct. Doc..I agree!..

Okay..2 morow at 12pm. The surgery gonna be 2 hr.


Numb.. helpless.. Again.. I cry..

Is was my first operation in my life...

I don't have any other choice.. :(

My crutches.. a pair of crutches.. and my chair.. wheelchair may be..


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

OMG! I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you'll get well soon.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

OMG! I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you'll get well soon.