Day 1 & 2: ACL & MCL Physio Session

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doc took out op stitch last week, and he let me heal about a week. My doc appointment will be in next 30 days. My doc said "Bye2 LIBL..". Now is my rehabilitation & physio period.

15th November 2011, my 1st physiotherapy session. It was my 4th week after OP. When I start my 1st physio, I can only flex max to 30 degree flextion. It was set to my brace since after op which is about 3 weeks due to ACL & MCL injury. I tried to do SLR (straight leg raise) on my own at home but fail..

My 1st session start by icing my knee for about 20 min to reduce swelling.

Next, Heel Props:
• Place the heel on a rolled towel or ball making sure the heel is propped high enough to
lift the thigh off the table.
• Allow the leg to relax into extension.

Next, using electrical muscle Stimulation to activate my quad muscle which is so weak..

Next, heel slide. Flextion move to 50 degree..

end by icing my knee for 20 min..

It took about 2 hrs.. but unfortunately I am having a fever at night.. ;(

2nd day Physio..

Same as above.. but add on Prone Hang with weight..

Next, Wall slides to further increase bending.
• Lie on the back with the involved foot on the wall and allow the foot to slide
the wall by bending the knee. Use other leg to apply pressure downward.

Again.. fever after physio.. ;(