Day 2: Cabar@n Sih@T

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Semangat berkobar2.. ttb gambar Kevin & LIBL @Facebook jadi kontroversi.. haiyoo.. my Fitness Guru lah tuh.. adeii.. memang la handsome & cute!.. mix blood & fitness guru lagi. Memang sangant handsome.. macam x cayer jer a handsome man standing behind me!.. wahh!!.. Ok.. my fitness inspiration! 10 kali tgk pic tuh sengeh x abes lah.. mmg photo friendly muka dia!.. Ada yg tlg printkan saiz A4.. hahah.. Ada yg tanya how u gonna get like this handsome one?.. x kawen la u.. ahahah.. adei.. Handsome is a bonus but there is more important aspect tht u have to look into which is Agama!..

Whatever comment LIBL malas nak comment.. hanya mampu sengeh jer!.. He is inspiring me to work harder! Full Stop!

- 2 pics Jacob hi fiber
- Quacker Oat 3 in one (1sachet)

- Plain water
- Jacob Hi cal biscuits.. mini pax 1

- I bowl tomyam campur
- Plain water

- 3 spoon nestle fitness
- 2 whole meal bread

- Half boil egg (white) + soy sauce + pepper
- baked bean (3 spoon)
- 3 jacob hi fiber biscuits

- 1 glass Nestvita Hi Cal Low Fat milk

Morning Run
- 1 round non stop jog
- 2 round power walk