Day 19: Cabar@n Sih@T ~ My bad day..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Every Sunday, as usual..activity with cabaran sihat team and kali nih @ Sport Planet, Ampang. My very 1st time to Sport Planet,Ampang. Few years back, prnah jugak main futsal nih with office fren. Usually after magrib @ subang racquet and Sunway Sport Planet. Well, it was long long time a go (2006) kot when my office nak buat ladies team for futsal. Sempat la kena training ala2 world cup. Belajar la mcm mana nak passing, sepak and thana bola. Kena bwak bole pusing skitter lagi.. Tak lama tuh stop...tak kenapa tah. But, I know futsal freak Dark Mudd still main futsal even with guys.. Muddy..u injured kan?.. Tht why u x masuk run dah?.. What happen ah?..

I also have my good fren masa kat UM, now in Auckland persuing her PHD.. she is MU fan!.. sanggup nages klw MU kalah. She played futsal sbb suka sangat football. She meet her soul mate in futsal. She also injured cause of futsal. :(
Now, am joining the club!.. Ohh demm!..

It's happen bila dah nak abes 1st game and after gigh berebut bola. When I land my righ leg ttb ada sound and terus duduk.. Very slow.. After few second, I try to stand. Rasa mcm x boleh continue..lutut goyang2.. and I walk outside the court on my own. Mintak org gantikan and I hava a seat. Siyes.. no pain at all. I try to walk ttb very hard to walk back.. adoi.. get fren to help..tak me back to the seat. They inform Kevin and am still confuse.. Apa dah jadi dgn aku nih?.. Try to stand up and jatuh balik with 2nd sound. People around me aso can hear that. Ini bukan lakonan dibuat2 demi menagih simpati Kevin.. Owh Ada pulak yg buat lawak mcm tuh kan.. I cannot remember who but I can hear tht.. :(

Tak sangka its gonna be this bad!.. few time I try to use my right leg..each time rasa lutut giveaway. Cannot support my own body weight. X ray no bone issues.. May be I need MRI to check on my ligament... Not sure which ligament has been injured.

That's the end of my day.. dah la berat naik..injured summore.. menyusahkan org to send me home. I thought nak balik to my brother house @ Ukay Perdana. At least my kurma2 (Najawa & Safiya) will always make me smile.. They are going to Singapore.. What?.. Helpless......

With kak Ros & abg Lan help.. sampai la jugak umah.. demm.. my housemate keje & terus balik kpg.. what??.. am alone.. uhuhuhu...

My diet.. tadi makan sikit jer kat Sport Planet. Chicken drumstick.. no no.. Rice.. reduce.. I took vegi..
at night 2 spoon of baked beans..tht only ready made food tht I can grab from fridge.. not sure dinner or supper. What ever lah..

Kinnda very hard to move even in the house.. esp nak ke daput & toilet.. ada bendul lah.. :(
Thx to ikea chair yg ada roda nih.. sangat berjasa. Better than using tongkat.. But I create nice Malaysia map on the floor.. :?(

Instability: feeling that the knee will give out
Any instability in the knee joint or any sensation that the knee may give out or collapse may indicate a ligament injury to the knee. The knee ligaments provide support and stability to the joint and instability; if they are stretched or torn due to an injury, instability is one of the most obvious warning signs.

Inability to put your full weight on the leg
A difference in your ability to support your full body weight on one leg,compared to the other, is another tip-off to an injury that requires attention.


Raihanah said...

Nida...syafakillah..saya doakan yg terbaik buat nida...semoga cepat sembuh...

Takder ker rwtn tradisional boleh dicuba?...kalau di PUSRATU..rasanya byk berkaitan dgn taktau la.... try akupuntur ka...