Jer@t.. Terjerat dengan Network Cabel?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

At first, I saw this book pica on Facebook. not Novel fan!.. Ignore!!..

I am not into malay jiwang novel but sometime i did.  (Means..I have ample time or nothing much to do)..

My last Malay novel tht I read was Sebening Rindu by Kamal Azhan.A novelist who stumbled into my blog...  

My english novel was Eat, Pray, Love.. yet to finish. (Stuck in Bali with Ketut Liyer.. :) kot!)

I do read islamic novel..!!.. AA GYM, Kang Abik, Saifulislam books as well.. Few more form Dakwah Bookstore!.. Ehh.. Ada satu buku belum bukak pastik lagi..Disebalik Tabir Kematian by Imam Ghazli.. Mihahaha.. kumpul & simpan!.. :P

Next day, I saw Jerat pica again.. 


She's a novelist.. getting excited.. Like her page and find the synopsis.
Another wow!!.. I saw her status..she will be at nasi lemak kopi 0 tomorrow..
Geee!!... An IT Engineer turn out to be a novellist??.. 
Interesting rite?

Why?.. Mostly in IT area are digital people. Less feeling. High digital score confirm will look nerd!..
I realized this during one of internal training. Betull la.. when I look back to our group pica.. mmg boys& gurls looks nerd!.. X der fancy2.. x der sty-lo.. 

Kalau ada pon .. she is no digital. She is an auditory. 

Trust me!.. Mula lah rasa..err..why am stuck here??..  
Dah la LIBL trait Popular Sanguine + kinesthetic.. 
Adoii!!.. rasa macam spesis terancam. 
Sangat diberi perhatian.. 
Pergghh.. !!.. 
Am start thinking of leaving.. doing something else may be!..

But this Jerat novel.. summore in Malay. Yeahh.. proved.. 

IT does not mean for Digital People!..

The author.. even she is not a programmer but more to Networking..Security..Antivirus.. etc. Asked her.. she travel to customer's place a lot. A roses among the thorn!.. Hebat oke!..

So damm happy.. since the author is in the same floor.. masuk jer opis.. LIBL terus jerit. (what a Bubbly person I am :P )

Kak..nak novel!!.. siap amik gambar and sign!.. Inspiration nih!.. LIBL x der la nak tulis novel..but I did short story in this blog. 

I am more into Art and creative artwork. I like to sew!.. Hahahaha.. 

Slowly..with a small step.. I am working on my online business and oso my bro online bizz.. The reason why u can see me online alwayzz..

The author, mother of few kids. tak sure berapa.. She did go to GYM.. she's in IT line.. She is a housewife! She cook for her family.. (I saw her status in FB).. Proved!.. 

Modern Mom in IT area.. can be a good housewife and mother!..  I agree..sometime kena kerja malam2..balik lambat but not forever.. ada time kita free jugak.. 

Okey.. go and get this novel.. less then rm20 jer..

Bila baca rasa macam cerita my own life. Esp the history of the company. 

Okeyy .. enuff.. nih kes bosan study untuk IBM exam. Aduii....penin lah.. susahh jer rasa.. alamak takottt nak exam..  

Composite Application.. DECS...


Esok ada review Online Training Calender dgn bos lah..  surfing jer lebih..kejap2 main game fb..kejap2 surf blog org.. hahahaha.. cam nih ler LIBL buat dissertation dulu! Mujur abes jugak.. cara nak hilangkan bosan kaedahnyer..

Alamakk...merepek lagi..
Okalah... Chow... sambung study & buat system u olss!!

Eh...semalam LIBL pegi kelas jewelry making... I means beads!.. cute giler!.. ahaha.. nantilah citer... Hola!.. Hola!!.. Bye!..


mIZz *.* aYNa said...

nape hide muke cun u tu nida? hehehe =P

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

@Ayna - haha... kiter blogger x glamer.. malu nak tayang muker.. muahaha.. ..ingat nak pakai masquerade mask tp x der la pulak.. bak sini nak pinjam.. :)

dieya said...

she's working in the same company as u? what a small world!
waiting for your novel.. don't forget to hand me a copy with autograph!

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

#dieya.. yup.. my novel.. bnyk nak tulis but still cannot find suitable time..