Vacation Gateway. Krabi 2011. Part 3

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Toy at Pasar Malam.
Rugi x belikan untuk Zara. :(

After pasar malam, we went back to Ao Nang and drop at Mc Donald.

There is Halal Phad Thai Hawker famous among tourist. I read this from Unfortunately, the Phad Thai already sold out. In fact, there is so much food that we bought at Pasar Malam. Wonder who can help us to finish them all. Hahahahah..

So, we bought fruit shake/ice blended. Very cheep. 20TB which is equivalent to RM 2. We bought mango blended and share it together

Then we walk back to our hotel.. on the way. We stopped for a massage. Hehehe.. I did body Thai Scrub (60min), Lavender Massage (60 min), Pedicure and food massage (60min+15min). Total: RM 150. Very cheep kan?

I would suggest:

PU Body Scrub and Massage.
Location: One row with The Palace Ao Nang.
Open daily : 10-11pm
Contact: 086-7803015
Reason: Friendly and English speaking owner. Price can bargain. Nice decoration.

Next day should be Phi Phi Tour. UNFORTUNATELY, due to the weather we have to cancel off. No ship allowed more then certain area. So, no hope. All tour to Phi Phi on that day is closed. We book our package from AirAsia we able to refund them. I am not sure how. Yet to claim until today. Moral of the be save, book the tour when you are there. We change our plan to jungle explore. We went to Emerald water pool, Hot Spring and Tiger Cave Temple.

Transit.. we choose jungle..