Duit Syiling Malaysia Siri Ketiga.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last Tuesday, I was at Bank Negara doing some system upgraded testing. Arrived around 10 am and no more parking. *sight... Full house!!.. Wonder what happened?..

Rupanya new duit syiling release to public on that day. Awal2 pagi lagi manusia2 nih dah datang siap reporter try to get name sapa yang sampai paling awal. Huiyooo.. sangat excited manusia2 ini. Ramai sungguh yang datang esp Chinese. Ehh..why less Malay and India?.. tak minat ehh?? Btw, me also no into this collectible items and tak lah gigih nak sampai awal beli mender nih.

Since, berita ini heboh diperkatakan and harga pon RM 10 jer.. max you can buy 10. So I bought 3. Ramai yang beli 10.. Wonder lah nak buat apa banyak2?.. Me?.. just keep on shelf jer lah.. cukup time tiup2 habuk.. :P

What obvious:
  • 50 cent dah shrink its size.. and with liku2 structure..not exact round.
  • 5 cent getting bigger.. same like 10 cent..
  • the motif is more to nature and culture..
I have another point of view.. lets keep our current syiling before kena dispose.. Lucky I have 2 pepsi can of syiling that I used it as dumbell.. :P


Mudd said...

cutenye pepsi can as dumbell :P by the way babe..i read other thing plak pasal our syiling ni.. cuba baca http://www.noktahhitam.com/israel-flag-on-malaysian-coin.html


Nurman said...

Nida,aku dah order pun

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

@Muddy - alahai... macam2.

@Nurman - Order yg RM70? .. staff jer blh ord.

Nurman said...

mahal sangat la