Vacation Gateway. Krabi 2011. Part 2

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ao Nang beach.
Just 5 min leisure walk from The Palace Ao Nang

Then we walk around Ao Nang and of course window shopping and surveying. We are too excited looking for Krabi T-shirt. Please bargain the price!.. Btw, their price are actually expensive. Not a purrrfect place for shopping ladies!.. Shops open around 10am and close late until 2pm. There are 24 hr shops like 7-Eleven too.. also the Ocean Mart.

Since this is our first trip to Krabi and we did a lot of research.
- Read info on Krabi culture, halal food, place to visit from website, blog or etc.
- Google map. You can see hotel location and can print out of needed.
- We book our transfer from Krabi airport to Hotel and Hotel to Krabi Airport tru Air Asia.
- We book our hotel from Book during sale. We got RM 98 one nite.
- We book Tour To Phi Phi Island tru Air Asia. (We have to change to Jungle Explore due to the weather. This might happen during low peak season)
- Monitor exchange rate (This is optional except for Rupiah. I can see not much different. RM 10 = 100TB)

Shop terrace opposite the Ao Nang beach.

Shops and pub.. Low peak season..more peaceful.

Spot the Tsunami Alert Tower at Ao Nang beach.

The Palace Aonang is on the right side ot this pica..

Krabi helmet

Taxi Price. Convert to RM.. not much different in MY.

Bicycle anyone?... I prefer motorbike.. :)

ATM if you need to withdraw some..
Btw, there is CIMB in Krabi but in Krabi town.

We decided to stay at Ao Nang beach for sunset before heading to the Night Market. Here in Krabi is 1 hour late form our normal time in Malaysia. Magrib call is about 6.20 pm same goes to Subuh. Here some pica of sunset. The best of all.. since new to DSLR. Manage to try out manual setting.. :)

I like the colors.. and the lime stone..

Allah creations..Subhanallah..

My 1st Jump at Ao Nang Beach..

Form our reading in the net, there will be a night market on Wednesday. So, we confirm with our hotel information counter. The night market is actually at Nopparattara Beach which is 6km form Ao Nang Beach. We took tuk-tuk to get there. My first tuk-tuk ride. Fun!.. very fast!..

Our Tuk-tuk Driver
yg kat belakang Macam aku rasa lagi handsome kot.. kah3..
able to speak english little2 katernyer..

Once we reach the night market, we feel like going to our local pasar malam. Most of them are muslim since they wear hijab and kopiah. Pasar malam food are cheap and sedap!!!.. compare to hotel food. All food RM 2 which is 20TB.

Acik jual kuih..Halal nih.. huhu..

Sengettt satuuu

I bought Phad Thai.. few kuih and drinks. Nice. All HALAL.. Food no worries.. Before I came here.. one of my fren said to me.. it is dificult to get halal food in Krabi!.. From my expirience its totally not true!.. Just find stall sign star and moon. Besides, they know that we are muslim and they are muslim coz of wearing hijab. There is alot of muslim in Krabi and there are friendly.


makcik rokiah said...

nenas thai kecik tp manis giler huhh slurppppp :)

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yupp...slurpp.. ttb meleleh air liur..