Running Clinic and up close with Sarimah Ibrahim, The biggest looser season 1 host..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I like Shape Mag.. kurang suka Rapi..hahaha.. Hanya Shape mag yang sesuai dengan jiwa saya walaupun baju2 yg disyorkan dalam mag ini adalah tidak sanggup dipakai oleh saya.. HAHAH..
Btw, Shape Mag is a for woman lah kan..kalau Men's Health untuk lelaki.'s health best aper content dia cuma saya tak sanggup nak beli sebab cover mag yang sanggat2 over expose. Nanti mak oyah dtg umah naik heran tgk anak permpuan dia nih.. HAHA..

I terus fall in love when I bought this Mag during its 1st release.. Kalau Times sold out..gigih gi cari kat outlet lain. All the workout tips, menu, weight loss inspiration..mmg best. Tapi tak ler ikot sebijik sejibon sebab hakikatnya duggan food lagi hebat oso keje yang always travel to KL.. Jam..JAm..Jam.. makan pon dah tak tentu hala.. Nak masak??.. nak kupas bawang pon dah mengelupur kelaparan.. HAHAHA..

Btw, my weight loss journey yet to an end... kata Srimah Ibrahim..slow and steady. Wahh!!.. Macam tahun2 lepas, LIBL join few running event.. finally.. kaki sudah 'kong' and this year..slow down sikit. Kasi full recover. This year dah join KLCC Traesure Hunt and Walk A Payung.. Ehh..dah buat entry walk a payng ker..ehh..lupa kot..

Next.. Shape Night Run. This is my third time. 1st time 11.3km.. then serik. 5km jer termasuk coming soon. So, I registered for Running Clinic organised by Shape Mag. Dulu Bobby Brown.. (Refer HERE)


Event started with main sponsor..Colantotte. Product form Japan tht will reduce pain during workout. Each of 30 participant received one wrist lite. I wear it today at GYM.. rasa apa yer.. humm..only I run with 8.0 kmp/h speed on t.mill..for 5 min thne slow down to 10 min..not to say improvement. Sebab nak kejar masa.. yet to give feedback la sbb takot physiology jer. BTW..nice to have it free.. :)

Next, about the run.. True Fitness Trainer share his experience..and oso we did warm up.. his suggestion of warm up before run. Talking about to land your foot during run.. until today i confuse.... just run lah!..

For this part, I prefer running clinic organized by Standard Charted Run (Refer HERE)

Best part, close and personal with Sarimah Ibrahim.. LIBL duduk betul2 depan Sarimah.. HAHA...she is so gojesss!!!.. terpegun sampai speechless.. kan Ayna!.. HAHAHA. Even dia outspoken tp dia best.. Going tru her weight loss journey..mmg sangat dasyat. Now..dia sangat kurus.. Owh my!.. She is beautiful and healthy!!.. I loike!..

I want to look like her when I am older.. bleh?.. Nothing impossible ehh?.. like muhammad Ali.. if u read abt it lah..

Her tips:
(1) Eat more protein. She always carry an egg. Boil egg.
(2) Soup diet..crap..
(3) White is no good..go for brown bread.
(4) If you go to mamak..ask roti canai with no oil.
(5) If u need to eat bariani.. take more acar rather then nasi.
(6) She did circuit training.
(7) Workout not more than 40 min.
(8) Do not go for diet pills..
(9) Workout in the morning..
(10) Reduce sugar intake.
(11) Calorie in less then calorie out.
(12) Do not eat less.
(13) Do not thin like model.. they are hungry!!!....fat count is a good way.
(14) You will look bulky when you workout coz of water retention..let it be.. it is ok..
I nodded..sangat obvious.. sarimah look at me!..hahah.. ok.. i experience it.. i look bulky now.. *stress.. heavy on upper part.. huh!..
(15) Add in weight training.
(16) like a woman not a girl. Do not hide your asset!.. :P

Before she left.. final lucky draw.. since she is Rebook Ambassadors, Lucky Draw received product from Reebok. A beg pack and wrist beg. Worth almost RM 200. Suddenly.. I heard.. "LadyNur"... errr.. Its ME!..

Then she realized..owhh.."LadyNur"..somewhat like LadyGAGA.. woww!!.. She impressed..!!?..

Haihhh..tht is my email name lahh..(in liver)...sengehh jer lahhh...

Btw, I question to the management of the event before start.. somehow.....its OK.. the Lady Nur name bring me luck!.. may be b'coz NUR means Cahaya.. I like this Nick Name actually.. Lady Cahaya.. a woman that bring good to others!.. Ameen. Its tru!!!.. my real name start with NUR.. and all my ladies in family start with Nur.. except my older sista..

Last but not least.. goodies from Shape mag.. I love it.. colantotte bracelet inside.. Reebook Cap woth RM 50.. water bottle.. free pass to bikram yoga.. Must try!.. Spa and 14 day pass to True Fitness. Reebook sock.. Not bad huh!

Gatorade..and yogood!..

On my way back..ada promo fruttare.. bukak tingkap and get the ice cream from fruttare ladies.. Taste not bad.. mmg sangat rasa buah!!..

Murah rezeki hari nih.. All my praise to Allah.. Alhamdulillah..

p/s Ayna: I keep on thinkinggg..with your wordsss.. Do I have good luck??..
Walk a payung luck draw I tak dapat apa2 pon.. :(
But, yes I did received surprise lately..ttb dpt crocs..ttb org belanja..ehh..ttb gaji naik..
ehh??.. ttb dpt another opportunity..

Btw, Rezeki drp Allah s.w.t. ask him..
I remind myself.. try not to skip Solat Duha.. Every dAY!..

i GOT this tips from my mom..
Every time balik kpg..ader jer hamper..sungguh hairan..dulu x der pon..
Then I asked my mom.. Ada org advise her to perform solat duha..and may be this is among the benefits of performing doing solat duha..

Let's do it!


mIZz *.* aYNa said...

lucky nida, u must be sarimah biggest fan, you looked at her unblinking-ly, hehehe =)

padlie said...

ladybird tu kacau la.... :(