Seri Gandus

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have u seen this kuih before?.. Nice one I tell u!!..

I know this kuih since I was young until now I did not expect how unique is this kuih and rare. In KL has been introduced by Majalah 3 was in Keramat but as wht I seen in TV, the diferent is the color!.. yes.. my local kampung version of kuih gandus is orange in color but Keramat one is white. coloring added!..

The not able to describe as am yet to have any chance to go and buy it!.. People said..selling fast and long Q!..

I personally addicted to this kuih where each time I went back to my home town, Parit Buntar..I will find this Kuih Gandus. May be my parents always feed me this kuih when I was young make me so damm addicted!.. mcm mengidam gitu!.. Ok.. tataw mcm mana rasa mengidam!..

Those yang nak cari this kuih..boleh cari at Pasar Malam Bandar Baharu, Kedah. Ok My hometown located at the border of Kedah, Perak & Penang. So do not surprise if I go to pasar malam in Kedah and bring it back to home in Perak.. and then go to Penang just to wash my car. Kih3.

Btw, fasting month much more easy..cari jer pasar ramadhan bndar baharu..confirm every day ada!..

As wht I seen in Majalah 3, the ingredients not much different. Kelapa parut, nenas & tepung. Only different is the color!..

Sweet smell of seri ganduss.. yummmy.. esp fasting month!..


Here is pica of the seri gandus chef!.. Just found it in my hp memory.. Seeeee..sama kan dgn Keramat.. esp the acuan and the kuih punya shape!..

Dont ask me orgin of Seri Gandus.. yet to do the research!


DrSam said...

Good effort in highlighting this endemic and rare delicacy. Personally I've never had this kuih before. A must try.

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

thx dr sam.. :)