Shape Workshop: Fitness & Express beauty by Bobby Brown.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Anyone know Shape magazine?.. Those who read MensHealth mesti tau opposite to it. Shape Mag nih ada version by country. If US punya mahal sikit but this one Malaysia punya version. I have been a follower of this mag since the 1st issue. Compare to Majalah Rapi, I prefer Shape sbb it is in English of course. Contents up to my expected level. For example, healthy food dalam majalah Rapi mcm copy drp eng mag. I wonder tak der ker local asian menu yg healthy?. Cover mag kat rapi yg agak questionable betul ker serious in fitness? May be Shape mag has it own Shape Run..workshop..and so on. Of I prefer Shape to guide me back in Shape. Hahaha.. *serious!

This month I got an opportunity to join one of the workshop. Punya la excited. I tot dapat one plate bobby brown each tp rupanya selected participant jer. * sad. Tapi I dapat stock shampo 3 bulan. Katanya for asian hair. Hahaha.. Btw, all of us dpt trial pack and 10 min express makeup class. New to me coz I dont like to make up and actually I donno how to apply make up... Hahhah.. * evil laugh. I have learn new thing.. Seriously.. expensive makeup return good result. Dah mula x nak pandang makeup biasa2..HAHAHA.. Gigh nak kumpol duit beli makeup plak. Kah3. Well..we are ladies mmg love to look gorgeous walaupun hakikatnya tak gorgeous. Kah3.

The most important, I dapat new friends.... :)

Friends come and go...coz people change due to the surrounding and also commitment. Loosing one get new one. Attending this event, I got few new friend with same interest of course!..

Okay.. I dah put on weight after busyness year end 2010.. Energizer night Race 2011.. @Sepang.. on april 2011. BUT too far lah.. nak join ke tak..nak ker tak.... =(


mIZz *.* aYNa said...

i pun hepi sgt dpt meet new friends like u, and night race in april??? interesting~ mmmm, kene train diri lari dlm gelap dulu, hehehe =P

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Ayna.. I tak dapat register pon since their system dok stuck jer.. frust..