Vacation 2010 - Bukit Tinggi, Sumatera Barat (Final)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hehehe...this is my last part of my journey to Padang. At the beginning I was thinking there will be few more part to go and today, I conclude this should me my last and may be summary. Bukan apa it is almost end of the year maa... In Hijri calender it is already New Year of Hijri. Cerita ini sudah basi maaa...

Talking about the food:

1) ketupat padang

You should try ketupat padang (pronounce as ketupek).. Miniang peole love masak lemak and so the ketupek. Not only the kuah kacang but kuah lemak added into it with some keropok as below.

2) Ayam penyek

Taste of ayam penyek here much more better the what has been served in Ayam Penyek rest in Malaysia. Of course lah, taste should be good from where it origin. Here the ayam penyek serve with ulam and spicy sambal ( most spicy I ever had but the taste is so good.. 2 thumbs up!). I tied this Ayam Penyek at Pondok Punck Bendungan. Got pondok2 here for u to eat and here I discover the avocado tree.

3) Nasi Kapau

I am not sure why they call nasi Kapau. But, I know there is 'orang kapau' there. What is kapau means..sorry I donno. Nasi Kapau is serve with nasi putih and mixing with few lauk pauk such as masak lemak nangka and also masak berlado.

See this Uni ( uni menas kak kot!.. ) punya senduk!.. She just stand in the middle and use long senduk to pick the lauk2..

You can try this Nasi kapau uni Nen near to pasar Aur Kuning.

4) Sate Minang

Looks like our sate but taste is different and the kuah is again masak lemak.. No pic .. please google.. HAHAH..

Now place to stay.

There are few hotel located near to pasar atas.. easy huh for shoping and save your transportation cost. Few hotels I saw, i snap its pic. I am not sure how to book. You may google to find out.

i) Hotel Jogja

ii) Hotel NTokan doono either Antokan

This is local transport..

1) long distance journey they called Trafel

ii) Short distance journey they called Angkutan

That's all... Actually I am writing this for my own ref as well.. Hari nih mood nak tulis in english walaupun berterabur.. 2 days training..english as our main language..terbawak2..may be too much input and output going..


Mudd said...

gamba mknn yg kedua tu nampak..tempting.. :P

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

mmg sedapsss even look simple... tak leh lawan ayam penyet kat sini la..