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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AAAA May 6, 2010 at 3:43pm

Subject: Job Vacancy in HCL AXON
Hey XXXX, interested in joining HCL AXON? Pay is good. If interested.. email me your resume. Cheers,

I received above e-mail from my ex collages and am speechless... interesting!!

But am yet to think of leaving this company. Am afraid to move from my comfort zone per say. Konon la comfort zone but actually outside got high quality cheese..

3 month at site, this week am back to HQ everybody such missing me.. (perasan... hhehe..)..
Adoiiilaaa kan............

How lehh??


dieya said...

if you join HCL at this time, there's a good chance you'll be stationed at my office. there's a huge HCL team here doing ERP (SAP) implementation. kalu jadi kasi tau okeh kita gi lunch sama ;-)

Atikah said...
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Atikah said...

Buat Istikharah... InsyaAllah ada penyelesaian...

tp sesekali keluar dr comfort zone apa salahnya... mana tahu di tmpt baru lebih baik... :)

Riezal aka Rezdrake said...

i say.. istiqarah dulu.. then do some study on the company.. the job scope, the work, life at the company, the enviroment.. try to find some staff who work at the company.. facebook,myspace.. email.. send them email asking macam mana kerja kat sana.. membosankan.. apa yang tak bagus.. apa yang best.. laki2 kat sana tough2 tak.. ensem ker.. or banyak sotong..

Once dah gather.. is up to you.. to make decision.. kuasa mutlak di tangan anda.. once in the while.. kena kluar dari comfort zone..masih bujang..boleh take risiko.. adakalanya kita perlu berhijrah.. Allah tidak merubah sesuatu kaum.. sehingga mereka mengubah apa yang ada dirinya sendiri..

Apa pun do some research skit..

DrSinga said...

istihkarah n follow your heart dear..

mun-e said...

ayat rizal: "laki2 kat sana tough2 tak.. ensem ker.. or banyak sotong.."

kalo banyak sotong kenapa??? hahahaha

neway, gudluck! ade peluang tu rembat je. cewah ;p

NenekPenne said...

mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm