What Comes To You?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I was at Lotusphere Comes To You 2010 event this evening at one world hotel. It was my very first time attend this event even am almost 4 years being a loyal IBMers!..

Overall this event was OK lah!.. As a Lotus Domino Developer am not gaining much. Looking at new features and understand what this Lotus software can help our customers.

Moving fast..tak terkejar.. as I can still remember, I have been introduce to Lotus Release 6.0 and now is already Release 8.2. Adoi!!.. My Programming skill need to upgrade as well. Haihh...

In Release 8, they introduce eclipse and data connection to DB2 database in a single view where we can pull out data from relational database using back end to Lotus application as front end. In Release 8.1, they introduce X-Page.
Now Lotus mail can be integrated with BlackBerry & iPhone. Humm..macam best kan?. Tak lama lagi keluar Release 9.0.. Now, aku support 2 cutomer yg guna Release 5. Tak ker rasa cam zaman batu jer?

Lotus Notes email dah further improve. From the mail ada Instant Messaging and conference call. Dah bleh view business card online..tgok schedule org lain. Drag and drop jer skrg. Easy archive and replication. Tahun nih x der goodie yg best2 compare tahun yg dulu. Terasa sangat kegawatan ekonomi. Semua nak cut cost!..

My Comment:

In Malaysia most of our customer still tak upgrade to Release 8.2. Is is not easy to upgrade sbb kena test tgok either current application able to run in new verson. Nak upgrade bukan murah..mahal!.. In tems of workflow, Lotus Domino is still the best.

Aperpon, IBM still upgrade software2 dia. Dah makin improve. Training & Exam pulak makin mahal. HAiiyakk!!..

In other way round, aku still boleh cari makan. Itu yang penting!.. Full Stop! Till when?.. entah la labu.. selagi ada demand!


Atikah said...


Alamak... tak faham apa pasal Lotus... hehehe

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Atikah - Lotus Domino nih tools utk develop system. Mcm Overtime system, leave application...ala yg apply cuti online. Isi jer from online, kemudian submit.

Jgn igt Lotus kereta or kedai mamak sudah la yeah!

Atikah said...

ooo... itu macam ker... tapi bila baca Lotus tu, memang pertama kali tadi terbayang Lotus kedai mamak... hehehe