Garang ker Aku?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From: XXX
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 2:45 PM
To: S,Y
Cc: A.B.C.D.E
Subject: XXX Reporting
Importance: High

Please provide updates on our reporting requirements. We’re 1 week away from March end now.Are we able to generate text file from XXX to feed into XXX reporting?

XXXXXX - Assistant Manager
XXX, IT Service Centre

Mula2 dapt e-mail..aku mcm terbakar. Wahh..CC kat semua org nih. In the e-mail mention my name pulak. Aishh.. pending from me? not show stopper okey!..

I replied as below.

What other info that you need from me? I already send you the sample as per mail attachment.If you ask me about XXX, I not the one to answer.


After lunch time..Team Manager at Customer come to me..

TL : ehh.. in the e-mail to XXX.. u marah ker?
Me : i? mcm marah ker mana ada?.. am confuse why she asked me and looks like its pending from my side?
TL : Am also drop off from the conference call. Told them am not the one to provide the info.
ME : Why this fella was so confuse?. He called me just now. I told him to talk with AAA.
What he need to is to provide the simillar CSV report. Then, other system will massage the data. But he told me tht he not able to provide few info from new system.
TL : He can ask AAA to grab from ZZZ system.
ME : Oww..ok. So the best person for him to talk is AAA. Rite?.. Haihh.. Donno wht this fell so difficult to talkwith AAA. Last time he ask me to ask AAA. Humm....

Huhuh...Bila aku baca balik e-mail aku rasa mcm GARANG nya bahasa aku kan.. Heheh.. Aku tak perasan LOL!.. Actually aku tak niat nak marah pon. Terbakar je siket.. Aku rasa aku kena add perkataan please / help and wht so ever baru tak mcm garang.. HEHE.. Nasib la kan.. Aku reply sbb aku x nak semua org dlm CC list ingat aku x buat kerja.. The XXX Manager pon klw nk shoot mail, know who the right person la.. jgn main shoot jer!

Aper pon..problem nih dah resolved! XXX Manager x reply aper2 pon. HEHEH..


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Heheh..kene berhati hati o kalau tulis barang.

Atikah said...


Hehehe... ada bunga2 marah di dalamnya....

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Willie - You are rite!... Haihh.. tp mmg ai marah la jugak sbnrnya.. Kira HALAL jer lah.. bukan selalu kan..

Atikah - salamm.. dah terclick button 'SEND'. No turning back.. :(