Mission Accomplished

Sunday, December 20, 2009

3 days holidayz... am completed with the following:

Friday 1o.30am-11.30am (Body Jam) @ Summit
Replacement instructor but he is really cool . Having great time during the class.
Mostly old choreography tht I already familiar with it. Hip Hop and Latin.

Sat 2.15pm - 3.15pm (Body Jam) @ Axis
Am getting my momentum back. Refreshing old steps.. Lucky can still remember.
Saw old course mate after 4 years lost contact. What a great day..

Sun 11.40am - 12.40 (Body Combat) @ Axis
Eugine & Calving..old time fav instructor. This is actually sneak preview class for
BC 42. In love with Muay Thai song Apotheosis - Oh Fortuna - Excalibur Remix
Feel like a woman warrior in action BUT having trouble with the push kick as it will
always end up as a front kick..
Got to practice more.. Stamina improved a lot.. No
more pancit during the class. Kalau perasan in the middle of the song ada macam
dangdut sikit..ehh..teringat lama x poco2..haha..

Now can fell the muscle pain... esp my back sbb banyak punch and upper cut..
Misson Accomplished with full satisfaction..

Mind & body refresh..

Ready to read, debug and write more codes..

Work Target

= to complete Poll module issues - unable to execute DOM & XML in Mozilla.. got to reingeneering the codes.

= OTOS db - adding error trap if system disconnected to SAP. Connector used: LCSX