Kembara Crocs Oren : Tawaw, Sabah

Monday, December 7, 2009

Here is the veiw of Mount Kinabalu from the flight..

As mention in previous entry, my uncle planned all my itenery at Sabah. He SMS me and suggest to go to Tawaw. Well am just agreed and bank in the cash. According to my untie, it took 10 hrs to reach Tawaw if you drive. Air Asia is recently providing flight to Tawaw. Previously, only MAS. Our flight touch down abt 7.45 am which is 15mins earlier.. 30 min journey.. Just imagine if you drive there..

As we arrived, my uncle fren's waiting there. A guy which is actually few years older then me who is now expending his ikan bilis business. Who knows, this Bugis guy is actually a degree holder from UPM. I salute this guy when he told us how difficult for him to survive in KL in order to complete his studies. He came from a poor Bugis family and he managed to work part time as tukang cuci pinggan to get extra pocket money. Worst come to worst he & his collages 'masuk hutan' and get the ubi kayu to eat when they have noting to eat at all. Not sure la which 'hutan' near UPM tht he went to. How this Bugis guy know my uncle ?.. Tru his task at work. This guy really appreciate my uncle's help tht wht he always said.

From the airport, we stop at Soto Banjar. The word 'Banjar' was the main attraction. My great granny was from Tambilahan, Riau, Indonesia berketurunan Banjar. Frankly speaking, am not used to speak Banjar even my relatives at kampung used it daily. I really excited to try nasi kuning rather than the soto. The owner of the Soto Banjar really can speak banjar and he really excited to speak Banjar with my father. I orded the nasi kuning with chicken.. but stall owner asked : "kada mahu iwaq ?" Then my father node his head and said "Iwaq". Me BLUR.

When the nasi kuning arrived.. it's nasik kuning and fish.. Haiiyoohh.. Iwaq = IKAN..
Damm it.. I donno.. Ni pak aku punya pasal lah nih..

Soto Banjar

Gerai Acil

Kuhara Court

Then we straight to Kuhara Court. We rent an apartment at ground floor facing the pool.

The Servay Jaya

While we waiting for the car to be used in Tawaw, I we went to Servay Jaya, a shopping complex near to Kuhara Court. I wish to find bread for tomorrow's breakfast but is end up with 'survey'.

We got the car when its already noon.. time for lunch. The best place to go, Mamak's rest - Yassin

I wish to go to the Bugis's stall but my uncle experience of food poisoning eating there before, I changed my mind.

Nasi Briani - Chicken covered with rice..

Jangan harap nak cari sos brand lain selain yg di atas..

The we went to Sabindo.. I read tru the net.. Hope to find Philipines thingy there but its end up as sia-sia.

Then we headding to Pasar Gantung. A lot Indonesian stuff there and I bought a few. Do not buy the handcraft here as it is cheaper to buy @ pasar philipino. Here the price was double.

Restoran Nelayan owned by the The Bugis Guy..

Then we back to our apartment and get ready for dinner. Specially invited by the Bugis guy to his own restaurant. Hebat kan..

The menu was suberp..Pucuk Manis, Ikan stim, Ikan sweet & sower, sayur kubis kecik, udang goreng tepung, sotong goreng tepung and the best is daging payau (* rusa liar). This has been requested by my uncle and he managed to find it. I end up with no more diet.. =(

Daging Payau (Rusa)

This restaurant opposite the sea. Laut kat sini x santek sbb lumpur.. If you went there, go and find this rest named Restoran Nelayan. The seafood are totally fresh as the owner export sea food to Semenanjung including the ikan bilis .. No regret.. Ikan - ikan tuh ikan liar bukan bela..

Tawaw by the sea

Tawaw town like China Town

Sungguh unic pintu kedai nih..

Town - Milimewa is almost everywhere in Sabah


catz said...

hi simple/life..
wah ke tawau ye..
best jugak kan...ikan bilis kat sana murahhh..
hehhe..teringat aku sewa kete and drive to semporna...
best eh bercoti dgn family sumer..
next ke mana?

My New Life Begin.. Be a good Wife, daugther , Eldest sister and Future Moms.. said...

hehehe.. bestkan needa..
hehe.. milimewa tu supermarket brand yg pertama kat sabah.
kalu kat sjung the store..
mmg almost daerah kat sini semuanya ada..