Training Day 9 : GYM @ Subang Jaya

Saturday, July 11, 2009

After a long time..humm..long time.??...its only 2 weeks actually I didn't leave any foot print in this GYM at Subang Jaya. I hate the parking coz it is really expensive. Usually I have to spend around RM 3-4 per visit. Dammit.. !! Unfrotunately, due to the location, this is the nearest GYM from my office. I have no choice if I wanna hit the GYM after work unless am from customer place at Bukit Jalil.

Things tht I hate about this club branch are:

1) GYM goers here are not friendly.
2) There is one PONDAN who always use lady change room. At first I tot the person is SHE but one day kantoi with his MANly voice. Haiyohhh..!!!!
3) The Class studio floor was quite sliperry. I nearly slip when I did JUMP KICK during Body Combat class.
4) Near to my ofice..chances to meet my oficemates is HIGH.
5) Parking - Expensive.
6) Weight area - the machine arrangement was cluttered. This area usually conquered by MAN. But am used to it.. Let the guy waits.. Ladies first Okay..!!
7) New PT will always looking for new victim. Huhh..

U know what..Last year, the sauna room was caught into fire due to the heat..lucky no one injured. entry GYM review ka apa..??

Simple Friday training.. I changed my mind from swiming to GYM..
Hujan ayaq kolam sejukk laaa...

30 min on t.mill.

Enufff.. I sweat a lot !!..