The Hut called Yenkies

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last week dinner with Cik Di and Mr C..

Nice ambiance and affordable dinner place.. I tot ada westerns..rupa nya they only served Malaysian food.. Ikan Bakar..

Foods.. humm.. Just OK!!

Not feeling to eat.. Mr C angry with me.. :(

Drive macam nak membunuh sambil mulut pot pet pot pet..
Terasa hangin Mr C macam kena sembur ngan Dragon keturunan sepet. I am speechless..


I donno tht is your stuff untill I saw your name card. But your fault as well..Why did u leave your own personal stuff at your old cubicle shelf and keep the key for such a long time..?? I donno tht is your old cubicle as well. I saw few person at tht cubicle before and they already resigned. I have no time to look one by one.. i NEED TO CLEAN UP the shelf to put my things. So, I took them out and the cleaner took them away.. Your Programming books, IT mag and CD games are still there. I buang photostat aper yg banyak2 tuh jer ok and your old 2007 choc. Tak senonoh simpan benda expired!

Whose fault?.. But Mr C try to blame cleaner pulak..
What derrr??

Apasal ada gambar penyu??..Penyu bakar??