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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It suppose to have a session with @ my office. I quickly rush from Bukit Jalil to Subang Jaya to catch up the session. Unfortunately, when I reach the auditorium entrance, I saw Ustaz Rozali standing in front giving his speech. What derrr??

Saifulislam unable to make it since ummu saif is going to deliver their new baby..
Latest update from saifulislam twiter:
I pray tht everything will be OK..AMEN.

"Kita hanya mampu merancang hanya Allah yang menentukan.."

Feeling incomplete day and I decide to attn Brother Hamza Andreas talk @ KGPA, Bukit Kiara. Right after Magrib Bulit Kiara. Another activities by Young Muslim Project. Kudos to them..

Short descriptions abt Brother Hamza:

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, a convert to Islam, is an international lecturer, public speaker, author, and intellectual activist. He is particularly interested in issues related to Islam, philosophy and politics. Hamza has debated prominent academics and intellectuals on various topics. He is a member of iERA and the Hittin Institute. Hamza is a Project Management Professional by profession.


Brother Hamza giving his talk abt : What it means to be a Muslim today? in 21st Century. His talk start with questions.. What is Islam? Islam is aworship to Allah s.w.t. There is only one god which is Allah s.w.t and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the messenger.

There list of perception tht he address like economic, Injustice, War & terrorist, woman rights and ect. His explanation and enlightenment to the mention points were clear and of course make me think and think..

To be a Muslim in 21st Century we need to have these 2 pillars:

1) Show others Islam Is Beautiful
2) True Muslims practice amar maaruf, nahi munkar

It was not in my plan to attend this session.. I don't even know who this guy is.. BUT Subhanallah.. God know the best.. Am truly inspired.

"Sesungguh Solatku, Ibadahku, Hidupku, Matiku hanya kerana Allah"

My day ends @ 1.36am.. Gotta scressst out..
Know Brother Hamza tru his blog:


khairul said...

ni antara salah 1 yg rugi kalau keje kapal...majlis ilmu x leh nak attend...baguslah needa ni solehah sungguh :)

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

Salam to u too Khai..

Kiter biasa2 jer la Khai belum layak utk dilabel sbg 'Solehah'. Banyak lagi kena belajar & diperbetulkan.

Sometimes life is tough esp hidup sorang merantau. Only spiritual values give me strength to face the world. Alhamdulillah..I found peace in my soul and happiness.

Mana ada rugi Khai, itu namanya pengorbanan..bukan semua org sanggup tinggal & kerja atas kapal.

khairul said...

org keje kapal ni 2 sbb je needa
1- sbb duit
2- x keje lain
hehehe so pe lah erti pgorbanan tu

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

Hai Khai macam terpakasa kerja jer..??

Benedict Bernard said...

waaah... mcm best.. tapi kalau aku pergi confirm terbakar agaknye.. ahakz

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

Ben..las monday aku baru jer pegi fire safety training. So u can count on me utk padamkan kebakaran..

Tak pon aku sedikan air ais.. khai boleh tolong siramkan?? HAHA.

Ben...omputih nih pendekatan dia lain sikit sempoi jer..give talk pakai selipar jer..

khairul said...

hehehe dlm erti kata lain paksa dalam rela gak lah keej ni :)
nak suruh sy siram si Ben ker???boleh sesgt2 lah wakakaka