FiNaLLY I Can SeE ThE RaiNBOw...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

After a haRD WorK.. FiNally..I CAn See The rAInbOW..

My PreSubmition of MaStER Dissertation..

2MoRo.. I Will Give IT to My LeCTUREr for her further checking.
Once she give me a green light..i have to submit 5 copies to the examiner (internal & external). Once done, 3 hard cover to Faculty.

Adoii..banyk lagi nih...

.. my pain and scarifies to write this Dissertation finally rasa berbaloi when a complete dissertation dah ada depan mata..dulu tersimpan dalam hard disk laptop nih jer..tah berapa kali tukar itu ini.. Previously..I have to send by chapter.. Chapter 1 jer tooks abt 5 month..Tukar itu ini..Just Imagine??.. Stress tak..?? Nak muntah pon ader..betahun nak siapkan mendernih dengan system prototype.

Let me tell you the story.. At first am going to develope GIS for construction waste management. I went for ESRI East Asia Conference masa tuh kat Shereton, Subang. I have to take 4 days annual leave and pay on my own for the conference sbb am not a presenter. Total demages : RM350 ++. No travle claim.

Then I go to LESTARI to get some insight abt construction waste situation in Malaysia. so lucky, helpful and friendly Prof agree to meet up. She had published a lot of papers and journal in tht area. Again 1 day annual leave and no travle claims. Balik jer dari LESTARI, I got headache. Thinking abt the research. Seem like GIS is not yet ready for waste management. All the system, law and management tht we have currently are totally out.

My lecturer sambung PHD at UK. I have to change to another lecturer. I took advantage to change the dissertation scope. No more GIS. Perhaps, the faculty also not able to get the ESRI tools. The licence was too expensive. Plus am not full time student. Takkan nak install @ my homekan??. When I show them the quotation..terus senyap. Aku dah down dah masa tuh.. But after senat meeting, Yes I can change my scope and research title.

I went to CIDB at Jalan Pahang to get further understanding about construction industry. Very dificult to get contact as i donno anyone there. Am not Engineer yacth..!!..Get my cousin help..baru dilayan. Thanks God. Sekali lagi headache.. they are not IT savy..How to implement?? IShhkk.. but they like the idea.

Local Council..?? just communicate with them tru e-mail. Chapter 1, 2 and 3 done. I has been asked to write a paper regarding to my research. I have 2 month before the submission date. HUagagagAAGAG.. Again my life turn upside down.. 1st draft.. 2 nd draft reviewed.. Submitted. 1 month after.. Yay..!! My paper accepted for International Symposium on Information Technology 2008. 4 days annual leave.. Fee RM 550++ . Everything can can claim.. I like :) Btw, can download my publsed paper from IEEEXplore and Walaupon satu paper jer.. ok la not full time student. Check it out here:

Gedbak..gedabukk..busy kerja office. Lack of motivation.. blur... contractor bikin rumah itu x kena ini x kena..Complain2.. pindah umah.. Stress... Stress.. penat.. penat.. llappy bengong.. format.. tambah rem..install..uninstall.. busy study utk xm certification..yada..yada.. demam..batuk..fenin dan beberapa lagi maslah jiwa kaco.. ~kekeke.

Akhirnya..complete 6 chapter. Weekend nih aku all out..sbb aku dah commit dead line nak hantar minggu depan to my lect..Patut hantar bulan March tadiii..delay..delay..busy..busy..
Last week demam..batuk..ahh..x kebah2 lagi nih. Kronik.. Gigih nih..siapkan jugak2.. Friday update chapter 6, acknoledgement & original literary work declaration..yada...yada..tido kol 3 pagi .. bangun kol 6.30 pagi.. Gi Perfume Wareouse sale jap..kih3..sempat nih.. Gila kejap tgok harga.. shopping x hengat.. pokai.. balik ngadap lagi.. settelekan reference.. misi mengorek journal & paper2 dalam carik.. adehh untill 2.30 pagi.. x larat..batuk teruk sudah. I need rest. Ahad sedar kol 6.30 pagi..ngadap lagi.. List of figure..table.. Index.. print out.. Juling dah..!! kol 5 ptg still ngadap table of contents.. ish3. kol 6 print.. Break magrib.. sambung print..double check.. tgok jam 8.30 mlm..sempat nih hantar binding.. Zasttt... seksyen 2.. as a reward..dinner burger .. hak3.. Balik ngadap facebook.. addicted to Mafia Wars.. Ngahahha.. Update blog.. aderker aku dikatakan lenglui from graveyard..!! Hishh..

11.39pm oledy.. got to sleep. I am happy today..yayy.. but my health not so good lor.. Thinking of one day break or half day leave..or it can be MC. Yer..tekak aku dah berdarah sbb batuk yg amat teruk.. Neway..harap2 lepas nih xder la banyk changes from the lect and the examiner.. kalau ada pon terpaksala aku hadapi.. :(

Allah pls give me some patience..!!

"Bercita-citalah besar, berpikirlah maju, engkau tidak diciptakan untuk menjadi orang yang kalah, tetapi diciptakan sebagai wakil Allah di bumi untuk memberikan kemenangan"

"Gunakanlah seluruh potensi kecerdasanmu, kau berasal dari Ar Rasyid Yang Maha Cerdas"


Willie said...

good luck. Hopefully lulus la kan?

Nurman said...

So verily, with the hardship, there is relief, Verily, with the hardship, there is relief (As - Sharh 94: 5-6)

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

Wilie - Hopefully am able to mention there are few phase to go. :(

Nurman - inspiring verse tht fill my heart to the brim with hope!!. Yupp..I have to patiently persevere in my effort and place my full hope and trust in Allah the Almighty.

Kalau aku x persevere dah lama aku quit owhh.. Dah ramai kawan-kawan aku quit ok..!!

Bwt, aku dah nearly to the end. Harap2 taun depan konvo lah..tahun nih dah tak sempat :(

makcik rokiah said...

sangat berliku tapi berbaloikan??

NenekPenne said...

susah gak eh? cemana gamaknya akak nanti time nak amik master...

dush dush dush..oi oi,,, degree pun complete lagi laa wey...ahaks..

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

Cik Kiah - memang sungguh berliku..selagi x konvo selagi tu tersiksaa..

Nek - tak slah berangan. Susah nekk oii..esp course needa nih setahun les then 5 yang boleh konvo...dah diwarning masa awal2..

cik kumbang said...

bachelor CS gak ea dlu?..katne?