Owhhh..Dearrr... :(

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Owhh Dearrr !!! Owhh Dearrr !!! Owhh Dearrr !!! Owhh Dearrr !!! Owhh Dearrr !!!
Today am back to HQ and checking my e-mail..
x perasan tht I nearly pass for my 2nd paper.. Owhh Dearrr !!! .. I need ONLY 2 questions to mark the paper as pass..!!!!
God know the best..!!
Will try this again in Aug 09. Looking forward nak re-sit this paper and also the 3rd paper which is web.
Wahh..?? Confident kah??
Semoga impian aku tercapai..!!
3 months to GO..!!
(*matila REM personal laptop kaput install Lotus Domino 8..)
Aper pon..hari nih Let's GYM..

2 questions to pass.. what la.. :(
Tembakan yang x kena sasaran..

1st paper - salah 6 soalan


Benedict Bernard said...

susahnye.. kalau aku ambik terus fail.. ! keekeke

mrs redzuan said...

sama ler, kite ponharus fail!! hehe. tu lotus notesmail kan? windu pulak kite pd aplikasi lotus...dolu2 pakai lotus, skrg da migrate ke microsoft..