Achieving More Has Never Been so Easy !

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Telling you fella, am currently struggle to achieve more. I always looking forward to achieve more than what I have. I want to have this, that and so fourth. Adakah aku Hamba Allah yang tidak bersyukur??.. Thank You Allah!! I got what I want. Tapi kita kena berusaha untuk menjadi atau mendapat yang lebih baik.. Betul tak??

Well, when you get something in this end there will be something so called –ve thingy in other end. Biasalah, semua benda pon ada baik dan buruk cuma macam mana kita tackle the issues. Kadang-kadang, I worried so much and I put stress on me..

Today, I rest my case... Let Allah decide the best for me and give me strength to face the obstacle.

Actually, banyak lagi kena belajar dalam selok belok IT Industry. Working in IT industry dosen't means you have to only deal with your machine but you have to meet the expectations and also must always prepare your bullet when you have to protect yourself.

Well, Thank You Allah for giving me an opportunity to move one steps forward. This is how I learn to improve my self and my skill.


Benedict Bernard said...

aku tak minat IT.. minat makan je ok.. kekeke. !