What are you doing during Earth Hour??

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Talking abt earth hour, some companies show their support by selling special candle for earth our. @ company tht I work currently, not sure what are the strategies have been done coz I was not in the office. 1 day jer masuk opis hari lain @ customer’s place.

During the earth hour day, I spend my time @ campus's library referring to existing dissertation. I finally submit my 4th chapter out of 6 chapters. Yay.!!
Well tips to work smart, just snap pic of each page NO need to write. So my fren, make use your digital cam. Not only for blogging purposes yach!!.

Once done, I went to my fav GYM club, @ Menara Axis. Successfully attended 1hr Body Vive and 1hr Body Jam class. The Body Jam new track release was fun and easy!!..New Body Combat step kinnda funny..sbb ada step ala-ala rock jump during track Scooter vs. Status Quo - Jump That Rock. Body combat dah nak ala Body Jam plak. Sudah kekurang idea kah??

So tht nite, rasa cam nak tido awal but unfortunately ter excited layan facebook. I just switched off lights and tv but the internet must on. Keluar round apartment and snap few pics. Basically, my apartment ada kenduri. Tak kan nak light off kot. Terang lagi bersuluh. One terrace house near by celebrate the Earth Hour, 8.30pm terus light off. Then, lepak one whole family at their compound sambil nyala lilin. Tiba2 terdengar one kids asked her mom: Napa rumah tuh tak tutup lampu??.. Hahh.. jawab jgn x jawab.

Btw, wht am going to stress here is global warming mostly because of other developed country. They caused the global warming but the impact one whole world kena. They did the mess and we have to cover it up.. Humm.. What do you think?


Benedict Bernard said...

i was at work during earth hour.. tak tup lampu pun.. hehee

Willie said...

Hello there. Congrats sebab dah habis thesis. Where at?

The earth hour? I was in kampung tgk TV. Hahaha biar jelah org bandar tutup lampu. Kekekeke jahat kan? I think this time, jualan lilin memang laku.

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

Ben- @Std Charted they work in dark..certain area jer on lampu. Siap ada hadiah sapa punya baju yg paling terang dalam gelap. Sah2 la menang kat sapa yg pakai baju glow in the dark. Lepas tuh siap amik gambar lagi. Cam meriah jer..

Willie - Not finish yet..2 chapters to go. Stress!! I did @ UM. Looking forward??..advised not to do it here.. Painful tahap dewa!!

Mmg jahat.. :P
The earth Hr is just a gimmick to make people realized abt the global warming.