Stress or No Stress..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Believe it on not.
Am alergy to Phone calls..!! Found 5 missed calls which is all about WORK..
Dah mcm public phone.. Tak kira masa depa main call jer..pernah dpt kol 3pg..rasa cam dlm mimpi jer. tgok2 memang ada mizz kol..

Camni la idup if you need to support dare not to involve in IT Industry..!!!

Whatevaa..yg penting stress management..Lets GYM 2moro..!!


Riezal said...

i used to have that too.. rasa macam ngah answer call tapi cek balik ada miss called.. kadang rasa macam ada miss called tapi rupanya takde :). hit the treadmill in the gym.. set to the fastest mode.. tension is gone.. u'll know it :)

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

HaHAh..u r rite..rasa macam nak switch off & campak jauh2 jer phone tuh. Baru aman hidup.. I wish i can do that.. :(

I wanna hit the GYM unfortunately x bawak baju. I got another urget call at 7am. Goshh!!.. kena pergi Bukit Jalil.. :(