The Methodology..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Headache!! Pening kepala..
What information should I write in Metodology..??..I am confused..
Here is my journey to find out..Dah bulan March still kena tambah itu ini chapter 3 buat aku TENSIONN and STRESSSS..sempat ker siap before submission date??

Ya Mujib..Ya Wahab..please give me some patience...!!

Conducting Surveys as your Dissertation Methodology

One methodology that you can use as your dissertation methodology is conducting surveys. Conducting surveys can give you a lot of data and it will assure you that you have a verifiable resources. You need to know how to properly conduct surveys because the data that you will get from this will reflect on your thesis.

Let us say that you are planning to write a masters dissertation about the impact of billboard advertisement of people. With this topic, you need you have a good dissertation methodology using surveys in order to know directly from people how they view the billboard advertisement and if this kind of advertisement has effect on their behavior as consumers.

But before actually conducting the survey, first, you need to write a good questionnaire that reflects the objective of your research methodology dissertation. The questionnaire should cover everything you need to know about the effects of billboard advertisement of consumer behavior.

After you have distributed the questionnaire and you have all the questionnaires filled up by your target sampling, you need analyze the data and start learning how to write methodology. You may have employed a good methodology but if you don’t know how to write it properly in your dissertation, the diligence that you put in your methodology will be wasted.

Your methodology chapter should prove to the panel that you have chosen the best method for your research and that you have followed the method without bias. If you choose to research on consumer behavior on billboard advertising by conducting surveys, you should write why you think conducting surveys are the best way to get data for the dissertation.

Conducting surveys may be time-consuming but as a dissertation methodology, it is one of the most accurate. It provides you direct knowledge of people’s opinions and it can give you good data for your data analysis.