Conference Day..!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally the conference was held in Aug 2008 at KL Convention Center. Taking chances to mingle around and exchange ideas. But the best part is me enjoying the food. Why the conference day was so important to me??..

Well it was my very first time attends the conference as a presenter ticket. May be other people said ..ala..there is nothing are presenting the poster rite..but not for me. You know how difficult to write a conference paper and in the same time struggling to meet office work deadline? Most of them thought that I am a lecturer or fulltime master student. Hahaha..You are wrong. I am a System Analyst.. I am in a real IT industry. Working with users and get their system requirement. Try to meet they ridiculous request by breaking my brain to execute few line of codes. Facing the pain and sorrow working out late until 4 in the morning.. Yes that is me..!!.. That sound awkward for them.!!. The next question..Your company sponsor you to further studies? Nope..!! Not at all. If I got may Master there will me no figure change in my pay slip number lor..*sad. I work and pay.. My parents sponsor me too..Humm..At least for them I am glad to say..your daughter have a paper published in IEEE..?? Do you now IEEE? If not go and search about it..

As of today I got one and half chapter to go..Today no gym and shopping..just stay at home and proudly to announce "Chapter 7 : Discussion and Conclusion...DONE..!!" There you go..The most tiring part is to develop the system. This is my job. This is my study.. At work and at home. When this will end??..

Hello GYM..see you tomorrow...* tense.