Moving Forward..

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

After about 3 years ++ supporting the internal system, today I have an opportunity of exposing my self to the real software development what I mean being expose to the customer environment. I do really appreciate of having this opportunity. I realized that I have lots more to learn. May be what I can say is:

I need to move forward...Yes. Move forward. Seeking new challenge, new air and new people.

Hay..!! Am getting tired with monotonous work. Perhaps, people with 3 years of experience shall move to another company to gain more experience. Me???..
I am a loyal employee..HEHEH..

May be some people say, being in internal much better than supporting the customer. Less work, easy but huge data maintenance perhaps.. Huh..

Well, I have different point of view. I am still young; do not have any family commitment and eager to explore new thing.

Am a bit disappointed with the news..
A bit sad..
A bit worried..