Job DoNE..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Latest database that am working on named Overtime that will tentatively launch next Monday 17th March. The objectives of having this database is to allow employee to submit their overtime from Web and Client. To come out with web enabled database using Lotus Domino is quite challenging to me as am used to develop client side database.

The reason why the system requires web enables is to allow our Customer Engineer (CEs) who station at our customer site to submit their Overtime form online. Form submitted will be route to respective team leader and manager for approval. Besides, there is a function for Human Resource (HR) to export their overtime report into a text file (.txt). The text file format is base on our payroll system for easy up loading.

This database is already transferred to production. Testing has been done and now am in the midst of writing system documentation. There are few codes that I would like to share in my next post.. stay tuned.!!