hOw do I StArTed

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have been working in this company since 1994 right after my graduation where I have been selected to attend Executive Training Program (ETP). 10 fresh graduates from local university such as UM, UiTM, UKM and UIAM has been selected to join this program with basic salary RM 1,800 per month. **Humm..what a good start..!!

The 3 months course covers all topic regarding to Lotus Domino System Admin and then we have an options to either proceed with Lotus Domino Developers or not. I choose to proceed with Lotus Domino Developers as I do really interested to know how this domino can be used to develop a website. I tot it is only HTML, Java and other web programming creatures. **Humm..this is interesting..!!!

Never had a dream to choose programming as my carrier..
In fact, am a good copy-cat during programming lab classes..
**Oo-ooww!!.. Dear my ex-lectures & tutors...please forgive me!!.. *hehe

p/s Maybe this is what we called smart copy-cat.. hiks..!!