Fav Programming QuOte

Thursday, March 20, 2008

“Real programmers don't document. If it was hard to write, it should be hard to understand.”
~I seldom document my codes. Got no time maa..!! Unless if am doing under project/customer.

“It is practically impossible to teach good programming to students that have had a prior exposure to BASIC: as potential programmers they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration.”
~ I learned BASIC during my upper secondary school. Before that, I was introduced to LOGO programming when I was at primary school.

“Computer programmers do it byte by byte”
~When she stuck..she start blogging..har..HAr..har..

“Old programmers never die. They just can't C as well.”
~Kakaka..I accidentally scored A for C paper during my undergrad...MUahahaha...

“Real programmers can write assembly code in any language.”
~I did not learned assembly language.. How?

“Few companies that installed computers to reduce the employment of clerks have realized their expectations.... They now need more, and more expensive clerks even though they call them 'operators' or 'programmers.'”
~This is what we called knowledge workers.

“Real Programmers don't write in PASCAL, or BLISS, or ADA, or any of those pinko computer science languages. Strong typing is for people with weak memories.”
~I do not have any idea with this programming language.

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."
(Pablo Picasso)

~ The programmer more intelligent that computer.

"Computers are like bikinis. They save people a lot of guesswork."
(Sam Ewing)

~No idea. How bikini save people a lot of guesswork

"Computers are getting smarter all the time. Scientists tell us that soon they will be able to talk to us. (And by 'they', I mean 'computers'. I doubt scientists will ever be able to talk to us.)"
(Dave Barry)

~Artificial Intelligent. This is my majoring during my undergrad.

"Hardware: The parts of a computer system that can be kicked."
(Jeff Pesis)

~Always knock my keyboard and mouse.

"The Internet? Is that thing still around?"
(Homer Simpson)

~Mr. Homer are you kidding?

"Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming."
(Brian Kernigan)

~the more complex the more error..huhuh...

"Complexity kills. It sucks the life out of developers, it makes products difficult to plan, build and test, it introduces security challenges, and it causes end-user and administrator frustration."
(Ray Ozzie)

~I like..!!!

"There are two ways of constructing a software design. One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies. And the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies."
(C.A.R. Hoare)
~I like this too..!!

"The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple."
(Grady Booch)

~Always apply this.

"There are only two industries that refer to their customers as 'users'."
(Edward Tufte)

~Got 2..One is IT..and another one is ???

"Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris."
(Larry Wall)

~Am lazzy and impatience rite now..Muahahah..

"That's the thing about people who think they hate computers. What they really hate is lousy programmers."
(Larry Niven)

~Am not lousy

"A programmer is a person who passes as an exacting expert on the basis of being able to turn out, after innumerable punching, an infinite series of incomprehensive answers calculated with micrometric precisions from vague assumptions based on debatable figures taken from inconclusive documents and carried out on instruments of problematical accuracy by persons of dubious reliability and questionable mentality for the avowed purpose of annoying and confounding a hopelessly defenseless department that was unfortunate enough to ask for the information in the first place."
(IEEE Grid newsmagazine)


"Don't worry if it doesn't work right. If everything did, you'd be out of a job."
(Mosher's Law of Software Engineering)

~Don't understand. So...no need to troubleshoot??

"Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight."
(Bill Gates)

~I hate software metric.

"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."
(John Johnson)

~Problem solved once you completely develop the system??

"Fifty years of programming language research, and we end up with C++?"
(Richard A. O'Keefe)

~Ok aper..??

"Software is like sex: It's better when it's free."
(Linus Torvalds)

~Never tot of this..

"The first 90% of the code accounts for the first 90% of the development time. The remaining 10% of the code accounts for the other 90% of the development time."
(Tom Cargill)

~Agree..looks like simple but it is not..!!!

"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are–by definition–not smart enough to debug it."
(Brian Kernighan)

~This will make my pc hang..!!

"If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in."
(Edsger W. Dijkstra)

~HAHAHAH..u are rite..!!