10 Things About Computer Programming You May Not Agree With

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are you a computer programmer? Here is what Half Sigma thinks about your profession:

1. Computer programming is a low prestige profession.
2. As you get older, your desire to completely relearn everything decreases, so you are likely to succumb to the temptation of staying with the familiar technology for too long.
3. Whatever your position is, as a Computer Science person, you are socially classified as a geek.
4. The computer programming industry within the United States is an industry with a shrinking number of jobs (because of outsourcing).
5. Computer programming and IT in general is now seen as the foreigners industry and not a proper profession for upwardly mobile white Americans.
6. Computer programmers face the need to move up to management or likely wind up as underemployed fifty-year-olds, only suitable for lower paying IT jobs.
7. This trend, in which people without computer programming experience manage computer programming projects, is a result of the low prestige of computer programming.
8. If you look forward to one day having your own private office, then computer programming sure isn't the way to go.
9. Computer programmers are cubicle employees, not considered important enough to be given nice workspaces.
10. If you can’t get into a Top 14 law school or a top graduate business school, then public accounting probably provides a better career path than computer programming.

So, if you are a computer programmer, maybe you should change your career and become a database administrator. After all, database administration is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the United States.

I believe that no matter what your profession is, keeping up to date with the “what’s new” in your industry/technology is very essential to career development.